It all started a few years back when owner Barry and his family were sharing a pizza they had just made at their Yarraville home. They were wondering why they couldn’t find pizza as good as this in their local pizza places. Sure, there were some cheap and nasties, and there were also some gourmet places in the general vicinity, but why wasn’t there a ‘normal’ pizza place that made good pizzas at truly affordable prices?


It was right there in Barry’s family kitchen that Cheezy Pizza was born. Two years later and the dream has finally become a reality. Right here on Gamon Street, in the heart of Yarraville, Cheezy Pizzas are made with love – and the highest quality ingredients – and feed hundreds of hungry locals every week.


Barry and the Cheezy Pizza family are incredibly proud of their fresh pizzas and want nothing more than to be your #1 local pizza place in Yarraville.